Online English School (Talkabroad)

We know that there are many people, which would like to have a conversation with a native speaker in their home, but can’t do this due to financial reasons. With the help of Talkabroad now it is possible for everyone to connect with English native speakers from all over the world! Talkabroad is the completely new style of person to person English conversation classes. The lessons are being held online, and our lecturers are patient, kind and polite to everyone. The speed of learning English while in Japan, is completely different than the learning pace while being in the native speaking foreign environment. If you’d like to trave abroad and improve your English speaking skills, but couldn’t do so due to the financial reasons, or if you simply want to enjoy a chat with foreigner while being in your home, then the Talkabroad is just for you! We offer best lecturers, foreign environment and best prices without the need to leave your house!