English School in American Military bases

This kind of English classes let you experience the real America while staying in Japan. The biggest advantage of these lessons is being able to experience the American lifestyle while studying English in Japan. The lessons are held in a teacher’s house located in the US military base which is normally not accessible. By learning at teacher’s home you can also experience the daily routine of your teacher. The main purpose of these classes is to allow Japanese students to complement their theoretical knowledge with the practical experience. Because of this we have students coming for these classes from distant regions of Japan such as Hokkaido or Kyushu. The English classes held at teacher’s house in the military base are a whole different experience from the standard classes held at school. It is a great choice for the people planning to go to an English speaking country for the first time. Thanks to these classes they can become more familiar with the foreign environment before landing in a foreign country. If you feel not ready for this type of class due to your English level feel free to sign up for normal classes first that are held at our school.